Apply to the ACP Program

- The ideal ACP Mentor is 35+ years of age and has 8+ years of professional experience.

- Mentors will be paired with a veteran Protégé for a yearlong mentorship to provide professional guidance in the Protégé's areas of interest. Pairs are expected to communicate once a month.

- Discussions will focus on topics that are important to the Protégé, such as résumé writing, transitioning to a corporate environment, networking or small business planning.

- Mentor applicants can expect to be contacted by ACP via email within 1-3 business days of submitting an application.

- Contact us at or (212) 752- 0700 with questions or concerns.

Please enter the access code provided to you.

If you are not affiliated with an ACP Participating Institution and you would like to request an access code to apply, please email